Afternoon Everybody!

Right then, I'm Simon or Rupert or Sharky or Simeony or more commonly just Knob.

I'm based in the Basingstoke / Reading area and play for SWT Woodfalls Band. It's quite a trek but hey, I love it.

I'm an S.A.P. Specialist for Centrica (British Gas) during the mundane working day bit of the week.

Outside of work, I also have a wide range of hobbies. Obviously banding takes up a fair amount of time but I also hold a ranking at Table Football (Foosball)! Last time I checked it was 1127 so it's not great but it is a start!!

I'm also a keen supporter of London Irish Rugby club and am a season ticket holder. I enjoy watching and playing football too and in spite of this, support Tottenham Hotspur and follow the progress of Reading too.

All of these hobbies demand the love of beer so naturally, I can be easily persuaded to go for a swift pint now and then.

I'm sure I'll speak / see you guys soon,



Hi Simon,

Our thoughts are with you... supporting the Royals must be depressing at times. Although they're not doing badly at all at the moment....


Indeed, you're right! Thankfully, they aren't my first team!
Still good fun though.

Speak soon,