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Hi, I'm ploughboy aka Garry Hallas.

I started playing Brass age 9 when the school wouldn't let me play string bass like i wanted (i was too small), i got a cornet instead.

I soon landed at Rothwell Temps 'b' band (as it was then) leaving there as i turned 14, a break from banding over my GCSE's saw no improvement in my grades so as soon as i got to college my cornet tutor dragged me along to help out his band (Wakefield Met schools)

A couple of years pass by. . . . .

busking at Christmas with so guys i know in Leeds and Cat mentions her band are going to Florida on tour and need a drummer . . . as i dabble a little (at the time) i go along, find i'm actully not as bad as i thought i would be, i join the band (gawthorpe '85). . . . 8 years pass quite happily amusing myself at the back of the band. . . I turn up one night to help the 4th section with marching and the MD just doesn't show up, so i take the rehearsal, a couple of weeks later i'm conducting full time!! Just lke that!

1.5 happy years with Gawthorpe. A quick 6 weeks to help Grange Moor band to their first area in something like 20 years) and then I auditioned at Emley, got the job on the night (fools) and they just can't get rid of me!! 2.2 years later, i'm still here loving every minute (well nearly every) of working with a great bunch of folk.

I still jump at the chance to help out any band on cornet or drums, just love to play!

When i'm not neck deep in Minims and Quavers you'll find me on the golf course, playing pool or once or twice (it has been known) i'll have a beer or two!

So that's me! well maybe it is? It's very short post for all of me . . . maybe it's the highlights? i'll get back to you. . . . . . .