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A very big thank you to "Naruco", "Well Worth It" and "Cornet King" who played at our charity concert on Saturday night in aid of our Bass player Eddie Wynn who is raising money for Cancer Research UK.

Also a big thank you to "Jo" for offering her services had they been needed, thank you very much.

To date Eddie has managed to raise in excess of £4000.00 (including his sponsored participation in the London Marathon) and Saturdays concert raised over £500.00.
We had a good night, everyone seemed to enjoy it, and contrary to suspicion Garry didn't assume the three meals he bought in the pub before the concert were a donation too, he's been back and paid for them since!! Doh!!! :roll:

Thank you once again all who helped out.

The concert seemed to go really well and heard loads of great comments in the interval.

The only problem is that I can no longer hear as I think Well Worth It and Naruco managed to deafen me during the last couple of pieces!


I'll second that ditto! Thanx guys :lol:

I also heard lots of positive feedback from the audience, which was really good to hear. My parents both came along and they said it was the best concert they'd heard for a long time! (Yeah ok they may be biased!)

Sally & I went to the Bull's Head in Flockton afterward with the parents and there was a group in there who'd been to see us at the concert. They were full of praise for the band were asking when we were playing next cos they wanted to come along again they enjoyed it that much.
It's comments & compliments like those that are the reason I think most of play in a brass band.

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