Monty Beaumont's music rules!


I had the pleasure of playing with Bearpark & Esh Colliery band on Sunday, and the even greater pleasure of playing half-a-dozen or so pieces arranged by Alan "monty" Beaumont.

Monty is a fantastic arranger and his music deserves a wider audience. His style is much more interesting and involved than most I've played, whilst still maintaining a realistic standard of requirement from players i.e. it is well playable by lower section bands.

It beats the pants off a certain large Belgium company who seem to have cornered the market for lower section music. :lol:

He has a website at so for all of you looking for some lush new music or a talented arranger give him a shout. He's also a top bloke and on this thing as drums4monty.

Agreed! His arrangements are superb. In fact a new publishing company I am involved with (coming soon) are hoping to publish some of his works
(Farondole - Bizet & The Humming Chorus - Puccini) to name a couple!

dave jake

I also agree some great arrangements and the audiences love them keep up the good work MONTY my boy 8) 8) 8) 8)



Can you change your siggy? It's "The Rola Cola Championship" or something like that now - not Div 1!

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