montage - marvellous, moderate, or muck?


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its one of his best,granted its not got the big tune like "ESSENCE OF TIME" but its one of the hardest tests of a band there is!
the band that puts in a credible performance on saturday wont be far away from taking 1st place.

good luck to everone playing at blackpool on saturday.:D



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aqua76 said:
Im 1st horn (playing Montage next week at blackpool...oooooer!!) and have two bars of ridiculously hard semis that i just cant get to grips with, its just oo godamm fast!!!

I agree Jane, I am thankfully playing solo horn so don't have those semis!! I do get a few other 'moments' that I will be glad to get over though!!I am enjoying playing the piece but it has been hard work for the past few weeks...looking forward to a post-performance drink


Montage - great piece, but have to agree with some posts that it may be too difficult for Blackpool. Top E for euph in 1st movment and the running semis for euph/bass toward end of piece v hard to get right. Nevertheless, great to play and when played right great to listen to.
Played it last year at Open - now playing masquerade in shield after relegation. Masquerade is considerably more difficult but, as far as I am concerned, a better piece - to play at least.

I think that the choices for blackpool are great - well done to all concerned. There is nothing worse than a crap test piece for a big contest (eg "...all the flowers..." at last years finals).

Interesting reading the comments on the other link about fancied bands for the shield though.........;)


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Listening to Montage at the mo and I love it. But then come to think of it not much of Peter Grahams music I don't like!


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test piece

Montage - its a bugger when u cant read music but i think this is a good peice, tho the 2nd movement is bit slow for my liking!!

Counting is hard but keeps you on your toes.:rolleyes:

I'll be at blackpool, seeking new frinds, with my new band.

See you all there and GOOD LUCK!! :clap:

x Drummer Girl x :tongue:


Great piece - I heard Montage first at the Masters and listened to most bands instead of sitting in the comforts of the Red Cow - I liked YBS that day.

I then played it at the Area in 1999 ??? playing Solo Horn and played all the hemi-demi-wemi-quavers in the third movement.

Our band then picked Montage for the Open in 2004 and this time I thought I'd go one better and try out the Principal Cornet chair instead - Montage is more mentally draining rather than phyical torture. I recently watched our performance of Montage on DVD and I looked like I was shi**ing a brick just before starting the solo in the 2nd movement - strange watching yourself play on TV!!!!

I loved rehearsing the piece on both occasions and it's one of my favourite pieces ever.

Although our band has really enjoyed working on Masquerade - what a great piece of music.
Great piece of music! As much as everyone can talk about it being tough for all players, etc., surely the toughest test in the piece is musically?


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Montage is a great piece - I wish I was playing it! It is one of the select few pieces that I could listen to all the performences. I particularly like the sop/EEb bass duet in the 3rd movement.


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Mr mad and crazy are there any band pieces you actually like??
i seem to remeber you not liking kaliedoscope a while ago. Or is it just pieces you are unable to play that you cant handle??
mr richard taylor

in answer to your insulting message which im taking no offense to whatsoever, the following pieces i do actually like

vizcaya(sorry if the spelling is wrong)
year of the dragon
st austell suite
tam o shanters ride
symphonic music(by a bloke called p.huber, think he's a swede, could be wrong there, played it at college tho, big piece of music)

these are just a small number of test pieces which i like but there are many more, u'll also see that there is a range of difficulty in those pieces aswell, so its not about wether i can play them or not, altho i do admit, it does help if i can play the part put in front of me.

back to the thread now, having had some time to play my part a bit and listen to the piece the middle movement is something i might be looking forward to hearing other bands play, but i still say that i aint too keen on the other 2 movements, its a very technical piece tho, that i have no doubts.

i agree that all the solo seats seem to have some horribly difficult parts to play and the other seats rnt to easy either, my part from I to J isnt easy at all.

it is most definately a "test" piece, and altho i am not psychic, i can't see to many bands playing this piece to its required standard, what are the other 2 pieces like?(the other 2 being for the grand shield and senior trophy).
Marvellous Montage!

Montage is a cracking piece and a real test, hence the title 'test piece'. You really should thank your lucky stars that you aren't having to suffer the pain of having to play certain other pieces which really are trash, one of which being the Championship area test piece a couple of years ago (name of a European city...), or other pieces which are too easy to play. I would actually agree with your complaining then!

Montage is a very clever piece of music that has themes running all the way through it. Every part (apart from mine!!) has something to do. Your part (2nd trom) in Montage has a little bit of meat in it. It's one of the best parts for second trom I've seen. Some nice little duet/solo bits with 2nd cornets and solo trom and even a chance at the big tune in the 2nd movement. I have to agree with the earlier posting about the bass trombone part. Nothing there I'm afraid. How come all the other parts in the band, including 3rd cornets and BBb bass get some exciting stuff to play, whilst the bass trombone does what? Either gets used to counting to 40 or plays sustained notes. Good job I love the piece, or the last couple of weeks could have been really boring for me...

Really looking forward to playing it on Saturday. SHould be interesting to see how the other bands do in the section. Good luck to all who are playing!


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Conotations is a nice piece. some wierd rythm changes and some funny intervals but it has a tune and it flows very nicely.
Its not my favourite test piece but it does get up there amongst the top five.