Made the mistake of installing Monopoly on my PDA the other day. (mistake cos Cornet Girl aint stopped playin on it yet!)

Anyway -- got me thinkin (yes it happens) - you see all these 'limited edition' monopoly sets around which are relevant to Eastenders or Coro or a University e.t.c - what do folks think about having our own tMP version... what would we have on it? Bands? (e.g Dyke) or Locations (e.g. RAH) and what prices would we have down?

Right - over to you guys....



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On this side of the pond, groups (musical or otherwise) often have special sets made and then sell then for fund-raising purposes. Could be an option for some bands in need of cash.


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I like monopoly, but no one will ever play me as it "takes too long," i'll be up for a game after someone's made the tMP version!


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I reckon a mixture of both with contests as the train stations!

And it is addictive, if only cos it's American and the computer players have interesting names like Tarbosh and Guybrush!

Rach x

Roger Thorne

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cornetgirl said:
I reckon a mixture of both with contests as the train stations!

And it is addictive, if only cos it's American and the computer players have interesting names like Tarbosh and Guybrush!

Rach x
And instead of collecting £200 everytime you pass go you get the bands registration cards validated!

'Go straight to Jail' could be replaced with Go straight to the adjudicators box!

Community Chest:
  • You have just won the British Solo Championships - move forward 5 places.
    You've been caught putting in pedal notes on BBb - miss a turn.
Another couple of pages of ideas and I think we'll have the game ready to present to Waddington's.



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once invented a strange mixture of poker and monopoly to make it more interesting... play a fewtimes round the board of monopoly, then play poker using the money you have left, then back to monopoly! Due to unscrupulous poker play I managed to buy up all the nice expensive places and put everyone out of business pretty quick... hehehe :lol:


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Should we have "Free photocopying" instead of "Free Parking"? :twisted: :shock: :wink:

"Soprano caught playing cornet solo - go direct to jail!"
"You are assessed for instrument repairs:
£200 per bass
£150 per baritone or euphonium
£100 per horn or trombone
£50 per cornet"
"It is your birthday - collect free drinks from all the players"
"You have won first prize in a beauty competition - collect free voucher for bigmamabadger's beauty salon"

:wink: :wink: :wink:


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I reckon we could take over the world if we put our minds to it, some of the ideas for these games are outstanding!!!! The chance squares should be the contests, pick up a card to see how you did regardless of what you have achieved in the last few moves!!


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Well Worth It said:
You signed none of your percussion in time for the contest.
Go to 'pieces' until you (drum)roll a six!!
Alternatively: "Win prize for best percussion" :wink:


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For pieces you could use instruments.

"Caught playing in wind band, go to adjudicators box do not pass GO do not collect your cards"

"Subs are due .. £50"


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Yeah and the utilities can be the bars at well known brass band venues.....the Galleon bar in the Winter Gardens in Blackpool and....SCUBAR!!!!

Dave Payn

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Some of the potential Chance and Community Chest Cards

'You have won second prize in a solo contest - collect £10'

'Go to a London Band, move directly to a London band, do not pass go, do not collect £200.' (Along with the obligatory 'Get the **** out of London free' cards)

Instead of 'Annuity matures', 'Sop player matures - collect £100'

At a contest - 'Band error in your favour. Collect £200 first prize'

'You've been caught bribing the adjudicator - go to a London band'

The utilility companies (water works and electric company) could be Brass warehouse and music publishers.



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