Who's the nicest mod?

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A New Redone Version of my "brave poll". Reset, and includes all the new mods too! :rolleyes:
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Oh...btw...Dyl got my vote. :)

But they're all crash hot at what they do, not least of all John for providing us with this in the first place! ;)


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2nd man down said:
In that case your parents ought to know about those magazines you were reading in the BOC Bro house!! ;)
They belonged originally to Craig ...!


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I'm sorry Ben, I couldn't possibly vote for just one of these chaps and chappesses. They're all so good at what they do, thats why they're all mods and here's why:

TMM - The Main Man ;) - Set up this lovely forum so all us musicos can talk to one another.
PB - Poster Brilliante - :p - Very helpful, is always there with an answer to almost every question.
Dyl - Did you laugh? - :-D - Boc Bro, what more can I say? :p
RT - Right There - :) - when you need a helping hand.
SQ - Special Quality - ;) - Only female mod, keeps all the chaps in line.:p
Keppler - Keeping everthing pretty proper like everyone requires - :) Need I say more?
Fishta - Forgotten? - :-(- Haven't seen him on tMP for ages, has he forgotten we're here?
NT - Not tMPing? - :-? - Again, not seen hyde nor hair of this chappy for a while.
WF - With Flare - :p - Has organised possibly the biggest tMP social event.

So you see, impossible to pick just one, so I will abstain from voting :-( . They're all winners:-D


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lynchie said:
SQ told me about tmp, therefore she gets my vote... and now everyone knows who to blame...
* puts hands on hips and calls out loud* Sparkley! what have you done to us! :p ;)

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