mobile virus! read!!!


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hi all.
just a quick warning.
i've just been told about a new virus that attacks mobile phones.
Basically, if you get a phonecall from someone called Ace, DO NOT ANSWER IT!!!!
its basically a virus that wipes your sim card and all your phone details.

just thought i'd let you know!
okies, ciao for now
spamella xx


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i'm still worried about this blue tooth hacking thing that was on richard and judy... not getting blue tooth till someone tells me it's safe!


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it's safe unless you don't know one simple rule: turn it off when you're not using it!

bluetooth hacking only works as you can send a contact or appointment over it. when it it turned on, someone can target you and send you something. This leaves a door to the phone, as the person waits to confirm acceptance (of the contact /appointment/photo etc). The hacker can then abuse this connection and use it to get contact info.

the main thing with Bluetooth for me, is when you've used it to send something, it stays on by default. Turn it off.

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