Sold/Expired MMI Music - Summer Sale

Nigel Hall

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Fellow tMPers -

Most stores have a New Year Sale - just to be different we are having a Summer Sale.

A selection of our catalogue is half price , to the more mathematically minded that's a staggering 50% off!!! This means Concert Items, Christmas Music and Solos are £10 per set and Ensembles and March Cards are £7.50 per set. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Where's the catch I hear you ask? :? There isn't one! :D The pieces are all brand new sets, but they are not in the new MMI Music coporate image and so to clear the decks we are offering this bargain.

Over 40 pieces are listed - most we only have one set of, some we have 3 or 4. Therefore, once they're gone that's it - back to normal price and new look presentation.

These pieces are not going to be listed on our website until Saturday 24th July but I am giving tMPers first chance at snapping up these bargains. As there are too many to list here either email me ( or PM me and I'll email you the list (if you are PMing me please remember to include your email address).

The store doors are now open.................

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