Mike Finn Tuba Mouthpieces

Which tuba mouthpiece do you use?

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dan marcelo

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Charlie's review got me thinking.......

A while ago I read on the Tubenet tuba bulletin board ( Sean Chisham's TubeNet BBS ) about a new range of Tuba mouthpieces designed and made by a USA player Mike Finn. He was kind enough to send me the 3 (at the time) models, the MF1, 2 and 3.

I tried all 3 for about 2 months, but have settled on the MF3, which is the largest but also comfiest to me. I find it a lot easier to get volume without the sound breaking up, and tuning and articulation are more comfortable. I think I'm the only UK player with these mouthpieces, or I was when I recieved them. I still have one of each model.

They are certainly not a conventional design, but seem to work very well indeed. I've previously played on Wick, Bach, Schilke and Perantucci mouthpieces, and this is by far the best mouthpiece I have had (so far!!)

For comparisons the:

MF3 is similar to Mirafone TU39 or Perantucci 44, 83 or 84, bigger than a Wick 1, inbetween Bach 12 and 7.

MF2 is similar to Schilke 67 or Bach 18, but inbetween a Wick 2 and 1.

MF1 is same as MF2 but with a rounder rim.

His website ( www.mikefinnmouthpieces.com )has more details, as well as news of a new MF4 (slightly smaller than the others). If anyone is desparate to try one, or wants more info, they could contact me (although please note I don't sell them or make any money). They aren't cheap, but they aren't as expensive as some!

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Hi. I'm currently trying out the MF 2B and the MF H, both are fine mouthpieces. I live the work Mike has done on these. I can say that the 2B is great on the low register. The added mass does keep the sound focused, but it suffers a bit being flat on the high range.
The MF H is fantastic, great sound. Takes a bit more due to the funnel shape cup, but it produces great sound and ease of range.