Midlands Area - 3rd Section

Roger Thorne

Active Member
I've just received official notification from the area committee that Malcolm Brownbill is adjudicating the 3rd Section Midlands Area. Again, it's a split draw and as usual there's a comfort break after band drawn number 10.

20 Bands have entered.


satchmo shaz

Active Member
blimey thats a lot, so 3 to qualify then!....... we have got our work cut out as there are some good bands in that section!
Our bands have seen a lot of each other recently haven't they Shaz! lol Qualified and went to Dundee and we've both gone up to third section this year, so best of luck! Lets show 'em that just coz we're the new guys we're well worthy of being there, which we will of course!! :wink:

Are you and LE going to the association at Derby?

satchmo shaz

Active Member
yep, we had a good time too!, yes we will be at derby :wink: all the best to you and yoursI'm sure we wont disgrace ourselves! :wink: .... well maybe afterwards :guiness


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