Michelle Garbutt


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Hi I'm Michelle. I've been involved in bands all my life. My dad was a flugel player and took me to my first band practice at 3 days old. I started learning with Horden Colliery when I was 7. Spent several years playing in various school bands then when I was 14 I joined Peterlee Town band. Spent 11 years there on various instruments then played for Langbaugh, Hartlepool and Sacriston. I'm now settled with Murton Colliery where I play baritone and for my sins ended up as the secretary as well. I married Stan aka ChewyTuba , a Bb bass player in 1999. I joined tmp 2 1/2 years ago and along with Stan have been involved with the tmp band for several events (easingwold, whit friday, children in need). I run my own cake decorating business. I made tmp's first birthday cake, then for Whit Friday this year at John's request I made another tmp cake. John then decided to dub me tmp Chief Cake Maker


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... and what a fabulous cake maker Michelle is folks... beautiful... I can see it now... hmmmmm :)

Thaks for posting your belated intro Michelle... :hi