Met someone with a famous name?


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Has anyone met someone with a famous name (or has) but isn't the person we all know?

I have a few:-
I have worked with a Mark Hughes and a David Platt
I also whilst working in a hotel met someone called James Bond!
My driving test examiner was called Steve Davis
A friend of mine went to school with a Winston Churchill

Any others people come across?

At Tamar School in Plymouth, I sat next to someone called John Major, he liked The Stylistics.

I took the car to our local Toyota dealer recently and met the Bodyshop Manager, Nick Childs!
I have a friend called Michael Owen.

My sister was at primary school with Michael Parkinson.

Another friend has a nephew called Harry Potter. Born about the same time as the first book came out, his parents apparently said "its only a kids book, no-one will remember it in a couple of years!"

Di B

Not famous, but I did work with a Michael Hunt.

I couldn't keep a straight face when he told me to call him Mike.


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Used to work with a lad called Stephen King and then ended up playing in the same darts team with another mate, funnily enough, called Steven King..... Scary isn't it ?

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Well, my first name and middle name spells out the Portsmouth Football player, David James (the keeper), but not my surname!


A friend's son-in-law is called Gordon Brown.
My brother-in-law is Ian Jones - not the ex All Blacks rugby forward though!
A former client went by the name of Colin Montgomery (slightly different spelling I suppose)
A current colleague down south (I work for a large plc) is Emlyn Hughes - "junior" in fact, being the son of the late Liverpool skipper.


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A past Baritone player at Kippax married Richard Burton.

The band was also conducted for a while by Russell Grey. (Not THE Russell Grey)
He was talented but not renowned.
Does that count ?

- Mr Wilx