Memories of the 1950s

(1) Brass bands were a boys' club - no girls allowed. When I did see one red-jacketed girl in a brass band from Finley, New South Wales, Australia in 1952 I was most surprised.
(2) Old high pitch instruments were the norm in Australian brass bands. Australia did not go over to the standard A440 low pitch until in the 1960s. At a band festival in Nowra in the late 1950s the recently formed Saint Mary's brass band could not participate in the massed band finale because that band was outfitted with modern A440 low pitch instruments.
(3) Every brass band had a G bass trombone with a very noticeable tone.
(4) We sweated in the hot Australian summers in hot uniforms with a stripe down the leg and a peaked cap.
(5) We did a lot olf street marches
(6) There did not seem to be any concert bands around with woodwind instruments.con
(7) Our musical repertoire comprised marches, hymns, classical music and brass band standards with no contemporary music. The three brass bands that I played in during the 1950s did not have Oklahoma, South Pacific, Carousel or Show Boat in their libraries.

I would not want to go back to the 1950s.

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