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James McFadyen

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The first piece of 2004!!!!!!!!! :lol:

The latest addition to my Memorial Series will be out and ready for sale on Monday 2nd February.

Simply titled 'January 1971' is a tribute to the 66 lives lost in the Ibrox Disaster on 2nd January 1971.

The work is mainly homophonic and the soundscapes created are to set the mind in thinking and meant as a mournful prayer. An optional dialogue part which reads out the names who died in the disaster adds a personal touch!

Maybe not one for the concert platfrom, but on the contest stage, why not! Would be a great addition to any band recording a CD for those who would like that added emotion! :wink:

Priced in line with our new pricing structure at £20.00 (P+P IS FREE, as it has always been!)

PRE-ORDER your copy by MIDNIGHT TODAY for only £10.00 - to be in with a chance of this reduced price, you have a little over 2 and half hours to pre-order! You may cancel your pre-order at any time before MIDNIGHT FRIDAY 30TH JANUARY 2004.

Payment is by return 14 days after you recieve the music.

Please check out to learn about our new charity system.


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James McFadyen said:
Fixed - hopefully! :wink:
Easiest way is to put the spell check on James.
Mind you must admit I don't do it in all my posts........but it is easier. :wink:

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