Memorial concert for Martin Taylor, 22nd May 2022, Wantage


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Sunday May 22nd 2022
14.30, Tugwell Field, Wantage, Oxfordshire (with marquee option in case of bad weather)

A concert and massed brass band blow in memory of Martin Taylor on what would have been the day before his 70th birthday.

Please let me know if you would like to play in the massed band items - all are welcome, particularly if you knew Dad. Wantage Concert Brass under Danny Dullforce will give the concert and form the core of the massed band.

My contacts:, 07969 000746 (including WhatsApp).


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Dad used to follow the discussion here, back from when it was new, and post from time to time.

He was before that also a member of various early online brass band discussion formats, going back to Nigel Horne's mailing list in the mid 90s. He passed away Xmas 2020.

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