Sold/Expired Meinl-Weston 2145 for Sale


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I am selling my MW2145 that I bought new in December. The horn is still in perfect, like-new condition since it has only been played for a few months and I have treated it well.

This is a very very good instrument with a strong and resonant sound that belies its compact size. The low register is amazingly easy to play and sounds wonderful. The valves are fast and the slides are easily accesible, especially the first, third, fourth, and fifth slides, which can be moved while playing. This tuba has a broad dynamic range and works well in pretty much any situation, from fairly big ensembles to quintet (check out Sam Pilafian with the Empire Brass) to solo playing.

Here is Meinl-Weston's info:
"4/4 size
4 piston steel valves (Big Valve)
Bore: .748in - .787in
5th valve rotary valve (.807in) thumb operated
Bell diameter: 16.5in

This full-sized tuba is small in appearance but surprising due to the power and projection of the sound emitted.
This is an ideal instrument for general playing, especially if you own only a single tuba or need a high quality instrument for the unpredictable demands of free-lancing. This instrument is at home as a solo instrument, in chamber music, in average-sized orchestras, or lighter orchestral repertoire. The piston valves feature over-sized valve buttons for ease of use and the highest quality piston valves on the market today. This instrument was designed in cooperation with Sam Pilafian."

Normal price for these tubas on the Baltimore Brass website is $7100. I am asking $5500, shipping and original mouthpiece included. Just e-mail if you have any questions. I'll update with some pictures soon.



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Here are those pictures:




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