MD's and White DJ's


Does your MD wear a white DJ at concerts?

If so what do you think?
Is it the most appropriate thing for them to wear?

My own personal preference is more often or not a lounge suit or Black DJ if its a more formal engagement.

Am I alone in thinking that white DJ's look naff?

Some views please



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Well, I'd have to say I think white DJs look ok, because the whole band wears them.... except the MD (because it really would look naff if he matched! :lol:)

I guess it comes down to personal choice, and what sort gig/programme you're doing. Generally I think MDs look fine in normal suits. Imho DJs (in black or white) tend to look OTT, but I'd far rather see someone looking smart (if overdressed!) in a DJ than schlepping onto stage in a sweatshirt.

Naomi McFadyen

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Part of our uniform at Leyland is White DJs!... and they certainly don't look 'naff'... ours look great on the contest stage... close up they need cleaning though! :lol:
So, of course Garry doesn't wear white djs


I have, however, seen MDs wearing white DJs at concerts though, and I thought it looked smart :)

i've played under a leading figure in conducting (wont name names) but when i saw him in a white DJ it just looked really naff, think the standard black is a lot more profesional looking, plus the if the man in the middle is wearing white the audience is going to notice him more than the band arnt they?????????????


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IYOUNG said:
Am I alone in thinking that white DJ's look naff?

Don't <insert embarrasing uniform colour here> jackets with gold braiding all over the shoulders, cuffs and backs look a bit naff also? :D

Seriously though I think if it's a formal concert a Black or a White DJ is correct dress for the conductor. Colour depends on their preference I suppose but a White DJ doesn't look quite as effective on a short, fat sweaty conductor as on a tall slim one! :wink:

......not that I make a habit of noticing these things.......

Nigel Hall

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For a formal concert I always wear a DJ (either white or black - which ever comes out of the wardrobe first!!) and a suit for other jobs, but I hate to see conductors wear DJs at contests especially when it is closed adjudication - who are they trying to impress??


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I have a beautiful white tuxedo which is dashing and makes everyone look and say "that man is famous", unfortunately, I bought it 10 years ago, (I am still paying for it), and it doesn't fit anymore!

Dave Payn

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I tried wearing a white DJ once, but Fatboy Slim proved too heavy for me to carry around for too long. :lol: :lol:


I think a white DJ is fine, if it is worn at an appropriately formal concert (definately not to a park job!). But, they have to be clean!

Will the Sec

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No problem with white DJ, red cummerbund or even the red bow tie, but a certain successful high profile tMPer spoiled his look (at the areas) by completing his ensmble with a pair of brown loafers..... :eek:

The man's a musical genius, but heaven help him if Susannah and Trinni get hold of him :!:
Our MD sometimes wears a white DJ (when he remembers to pick up his suit carrier before leaving the house :roll: ), but not sure about the red bow-tie that goes with it!! :? :lol:


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LOL!!!! That's probably our conductor!! He said that his black shoes were too heavy! :D

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