May Caption Competition

Roger Thorne

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May Caption Competition

Keeping things topical, here's your Bank Holiday Photo


As usual - there's no prizes - it's just for fun.

Good Luck



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Hurry up dear, the bands'll be here soon and the first place they'll come to is the beer tent! :guiness
UK Foreign Secretary Jack Straw

"As you can see, the planned exile of maypole dancers to remote and desolate Countries is well under way. This should strengthen our credibility and make the UK a more sane place to live"


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as hard as they tried, they knew they could never get all the stand banners woven in time....


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"Excuse me dear, I think you should be at the Lord of the Rings reunion next door, this is the Grizzly Adams convention."


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Will you stop whinging woman, this is the biggest pole i could get at such short notice.... well how was i supposed to know it was may day... yes i know i forgot your birthday aswell but do you have to keep throwing that back in my face.

2nd man down

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"Look I know we're both vegetarians but will you please stop f*rting like that...look at the state of the tent now!!!" :oops:


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(Any of you who have had to sit through those school galas on May Day will appreciate this one)!!!. :lol:

Hmm, yes we are a bit old for maypole dancing, but we were only 6 when we started, but it sort of got a bit tangled ...... :oops:

Well Worth It

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I think it might be time to stop.

Why stop at all?

Come now Rizhelda, we've been decorating this Christmas Tree for 14 years.

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