Massed Band Item - what piece would you like to play?

Hollingworth Band are currently organising a reunion to celebrate their 150th anniversary (see posting under The Auditorium section). We will probably end the evening with a piece played by as many of the former players we can get on the stand. If you were lucky enough to be in this band, what piece would you like to play :?:


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in true CiN style... The Floral Dance

however, given the occasion, I suppose the ideal piece would be a local tune, or the band's "signature" march over as much of the 150 years as possible..


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id go for somthing big too, somthing with a huge ending.

hows about Procession To The Minster, a brilliant piece played with a single band but a massed band really brings it out


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Reunion and finale!

It's got a really nice opening and it just becomes more and more powerfull all of the way through!!! It's brill!


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Vickitorious said:
Reunion and finale!

It's got a really nice opening and it just becomes more and more powerfull all of the way through!!! It's brill!

Very appropriate given the occasion! :D

I'll second what she says, very moving and powerful and a great addition to any programme.


Great Gate of Kiev arr. Howarth.....great finisher for a massed band....sends 'em home with their ears buzzin'



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Procession to the Minster is not the best for massed bands, usually ends up being overblown and rancid. However The Padstow Lifeboat is class, and everyone gets a chance to raught away and it's meant to sound rancid.

Yes, I am sick!


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Any of these?

Baba Yaga/Great Gate of Kiev
Pines of Rome
Finale from Sant Saens Organ Symphony
Suite Gothique (esp movts 3+4)
Finale from Tchaikovsky 2, or 4.
Olympic Fanfare (with cornets+troms stood out front. NB audience may require ear-plugs :twisted: !)
Intro Act 3 Lohengrin.
The Lost Chord - in fact most special hymn tune arrangements.
Procession to the Minster (but don't overblow!)
Finale from Dvorak's New World Symphony.
1812 Overture
Marche Slave
Overture to "Henry V"
Pastime with Good Company
The Gael

If you have a church organ or similar where you're doing the concert (and someone who can play it, of course) it can add even more to a lot of these pieces. We've done it in the past and it went down a storm. It also gives the basses a big help in the loud bits!


A big End !!!

I'd agree with Great Gate of Kiev, Pine of Rome, Finale Tchaikovsky 5 but an unusual ending piece would be the Finale from Firebird ?!? Or perhaps the John Adams piece Short Ride in a fast machine newly arranged by Ray Farr (I think it was played by Ever Ready at Spennymoor ?


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Nadia said:
finale to thaikovsky 6...

I assume most probably you mean the 3rd movement (March) rather than the Finale (Adagio)?

My experience with massed bands was mostly with three 4th section bands back in the early '80's; they always suffered from the apparent belief that, because there were three times as many players, that meant they could play pieces that were three times as difficult as their normal repertoire.

In practice what was really necessary were pieces that were three times easier..........




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2 I'd reccomend in massed bands is Procession to the Minster (which has already been suggested but I think it sounds amazing, plus I did the flugel solo in it as well in a massed band years and was dead chuffed!).

Also, Jurassic Park (well really any John Williams type of piece like ET or Harry Potter), the scoring really gives depth for numerous players per part and the grandioso parts are just eardrum-shatteringly breathtaking!


My choices would be along the lines of -

Procession to the Minster,
Tchaikovsky 4,
The Lost Chord,
Finale from Organ Symphony

From the SA repertoire I'd go for The Kingdom Triumphant, Procession to Covenant(Bill Himes) or My Comfort and Strength(Brian Bowen).

I think any of these pieces would provide that special spine tingling experience for players and listeners alike.

Ray Collins

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