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Marsden Silver

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Marsden– The Yorkshire Tea Band

On what turned out to be a couple of very cold and damp days in late October 2012, members of the Marsden Silver Prize Band were transformed into The Yorkshire Tea Band during filming of their latest advertisement which had it’s first TV airing on Sunday 17th February 2013.

Nattily dressed in tailor made costumes which included huge Yorkshire Tea Mugs for hats, and with some members of the Band having their instruments replaced for filming with teapot cornets, a rather heavy tea urn drum and a glockenspiel made from tea spoons, they spent from daybreak to sunset each day on a cricket pitch just outside Bradford. All involved agreed that it was an interesting experience to be part of the very complicated procedure of putting together a short TV commercial.

The soundtrack to the commercial was also recorded by the Band in their own band room a few weeks later, with sound engineer Keith Farrington from Music House Productions working hard with the commercial’s production company to ensure that the recording sounded as if it were made out doors. Special attention was paid making sure that the music was in keeping with the action on the screen, and was probably the first and last time Musical Director Glyn Williams will have asked his players to perform in a less than perfect style and with little regard to tempo markings!

Such has been the success of the pairing of Yorkshire Tea with Marsden Band that the relationship is set to continue well in to the future. The Band have already performed at the in-house launch of the advertisement and over the next few months will be making more appearances as The Yorkshire Tea Band, including having been invited to play at each of the 2013 Five Ashes Tests on cricket pitches around England.

So keep your eyes peeled for Marsden Band in the commercial breaks, enjoying as they say “A Proper Brew”!

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It's just a shame that the soprano falling off the last note could not have been edited out!

You do know it was deliberate, Mike?

There's a thread somewhere (on Facebook I think) explaining the 'badness' of some of it and how it was at the request of the director.

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I can't fault the band for doing it, as I'm sure it represents a great revenue- and profile-raising opportunity. I can't imagine any band turning it down.

However, in the wider scheme of things, I'm pretty sure it's done the public image image of brass bands a similar disservice to the one provided by "Brassed Off". Or Hovis adverts, back in the day.

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