Marsden March Contest Results


Marsden March Contest Results - Sat 12th June

Marsden Band Club (Adj. Alan Widdop)


1. - Holme Silver (Disposables UK Group) - W. Rushworth
2. - Dobcross - D. Hadfield
3. - Old Silkstone - N. Law

Hymn - Holme Silver (DUG)
Solo Cornet - Holme Silver (DUG)
Euph/Bari Section - Holme Silver (DUG)
Basses - Holme Silver (DUG)

Riverhead Pub (Adj. Dave Morris)


1. - Dobcross
2. - Old Silkstone
3. - Holme Silver (DUG)

Hymn - Old Silkstone
Horns - Dobcross
Trombones - Dobcross
Basses - Boarshurst

There were some other awards too, can't remember who won them, can anyone fill in the gaps?


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