Marlow Band, South Bucks


Marlow Band always welcome new, local players.

We are quite an active band, playing at many local events notably Henley and Marlow Rowing Regattas. The band do not contest, but if we did, we'd probably be in the 3rd or 4th section.

We are currently specifically looking for the following to complete our line-up:

Soprano Cornet
Solo Cornet
Second Euphonium
2nd Percussionist

If interested, please contact Ian Young, the musical director, via (or me via tMp)



Staff member
Glad to hear Marlow are still going strong. When we lived in Windsor in the late 60's my father played with the band, and we did a couple of joint concerts involving the band and our school orchestra that Dad was running. The top cornet at the time - I can't remember his name, I'm afraid - was an airline pilot, but I doubt if he's still around now.


Yes "we're still here". We've recently "merged" with the Wycombe band.

I've only been playing with Marlow since the mid '80s, so I don't know who was there before (there are people I could ask though...).


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