it or hate it? it or hate it?

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Most players I know tend to avoid marching like the plague, so I have to wonder is the feeling shared across the board?

So here's the big question! Is there nothing more you like than marching miles with your Sov. BBb, or given the choice, would you sit at home in front of the telly with a nice cup of tea?


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Well I can't actually march, I can walk and play but march and play is out the window. Gets a bit annoying though when I have no air to put through the instrument coz i'm knackered... Suppose thats what happens when you define excersise as sitting in the pub supping a pint


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From the outset, marching has always played a part in Salvation Army banding, particularly since the main role of the band in the early days was to to provide support in the Open Air, and to lead the march back to the hall - hopefully followed by those who had been attracted by the Open Air witness.

Although there are many places where little open air work is carried out these days, for various reasons, it still plays a major part in our programme at Hadleigh, with the band going out on 3 out of 4 Sundays during the summer period. Most of these entail fairly short marches, although we also lead the march on Remembrance Sunday and also took part in the Lord Mayor's Show in 2002.

It is good to see that a band in the streets is still capable of creating interest, as we found at our recent visit to Nottingham, when the combined bands marched through the busy shopping centre on the Sunday evening.


Love it!!! but can't keep the mouthpiece on my lips, it ends up up my nose, in my ear,I find it near impossible to play well on a march. Any tips?


Crazysop said:
Love it!!! but can't keep the mouthpiece on my lips, it ends up up my nose, in my ear,I find it near impossible to play well on a march. Any tips?

Superglue? :lol:


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TBH I Don't mind, in fact I really enjoy doing the Whits, it does depend on where you are marching. If you have an appreciative crowd then it makes it fun, however most marches we seem to do (and we do quite a lot) I get the feeling that we need an armed guard or portable chicken wire!

Naomi McFadyen

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Love marchES...
Hate marchING...

But that's only because I had bad experiences with it...
Ie: Marching with a really naff snare drum strap which did my back in :?
And marching a couple of really long marches in which most it if was up hill... hated it...

Apart from that, I don't mind 'em! :lol:


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Don't really hate, or love it......

I'm a BBb Bass Player, and trying to find anybody to dep for you on a march, is nigh on impossible, so have just got to strap it on and blow like chuff..
Normaly takes my back 2/3 days to recover afterwards..


I love it!!!.

Its a chance to scare old ladies with my fancy footwork and blowing thier wigs off.

Great!!!!!!!!! More marches please.

Durham Big meeting here we go


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I love wit friday marches, but the ones that you sometimes have to do around the villages for little things, I can't stand! :)


Love it - was brought up on marching with Peebles Burgh Band where the Gala Day season started late May and went on throughout July. We used to be at a different towns parade every week with a full band. Shame it doesn't happen more these days.

Will the Sec

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I wonder how many people will still like marching when they are playing the winner of tMP march competition?


It won't be THAT difficult... :twisted: :evil: :twisted:

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I've only ever marched 3 times all at Remembrance- historically I avoid it like the plague because I've got dicky knees.

First time - the only time the other bass player in the band couldn't do it. He was most apologetic, but really couldn't avoid it. I suffered bad knees and back for days, and had bruising all over my shoulders.

Second time - was playing second cornet, (really - I did for about 6 months) so the knees issue was markedly less.

Third and last time - I played the bass drum because there was no-one else, and felt like I was going to die as we walked up to the cenotaph at Putney Bridge. Heart pounding, short of breath, all muscles crying for mercy.

I go to a local Remembrance service instead.

Never again, at least not on Bass or Bass Drum.


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Don't forget that for bands lower down the sections payment for marches is a goodly proportion of their income. We can't all charge £1000's for concerts like the top bands!
And, it's dying out, due partly to the general decline of religion in this country, and also (round my part of the world, anyway) due to the attitude of the police (which comes from the chiefs, by the way, I'm not having a go at the bobbies) that they can't interrupt the flow of traffic even for an hour on a Sunday - which leads to the band walking one side of the road and the traffic passing by about 3 feet away on the other side.
Not dangerous at all?

My diary lists 8 marches for us this year, including 2 on Remembrance day, which is of course the most important of all. The best one by far is the last one of summer, which takes in 3 pubs, with a break at each one, then tea provided at the end, a thoroughly enjoyable day. In all the years I've done it I've never managed to beat the Rector to the bar....... :guiness

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