Malton Brass 2003 Entries

Entries for Malton Brass 2004
Class C

Northallerton District Silver
Rowntree B
Both bands returning to contesting after a lot of years away - we welcome them

Class B.

Barrow Concert.
Billingham Silver.
Stape Silver.
Swinton & District Excelsior.
Wetherby & District Silver.

Class A

Chapeltown Silver
Kirkbymoorside Town
South Yorkshire Police
Wakefield Metropolitan
Yorkshire Cooperatives

Come along and listen to bands reviving a long lost era.
A contest based on the old RADIO format.
Plenty of :guiness and good food as well.


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Can't speak highly enough of this contest, a great day,

Everything you need including the all important real ale! A lovely hall, even feels full on a morning for those brave souls in section C!

Always loads of different music by the MD's

Comes very well recommended for an enthusiasts day out.


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It really is a great contest in a great venue.
IMHO it is a competition where they always employ quality, experienced, judges (No, we didn't always win !!)
The Pubs serve 1st Class beer and you meet 1st Class mates - what more can you ask for ?


Euph-Bari said:
Yeah was Gr8 Day Last year - Deffinatley exellent ale!

Either I'm getting old or I drank too much last year, I'm fairly sure I was there but I can't remember it at all :shock: anyway, I'll be there this year so if anyone sees me propping up a bar then be sure to say hello.


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last yr was wicked i really enjoyed listenin, just make sure it neva stops runnin!


This will be the first year, since this contest began, that I won't be playing in it. (Boo-Hoo) Although I suppose I was a bit greedy last year, playing with 2 bands. This time I'm looking forward to listening to a few bands and performing "Variations on a theme of Suppin' Yal" by Joshua Tetley. I intend to perform regularly throughout the day either in the hall bar or in the Royal Oak. As has been stated above, it's a great little contest and the beer is superb. I hope to be wearing a tMP polo shirt (when I get round to ordering it, that is!), so, please say hi and take pity if my glass looks like the beer in the bottom is getting lonely.
See you there.


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sudcornet said:
This time I'm looking forward to listening to a few bands and performing "Variations on a theme of Suppin' Yal" by Joshua Tetley

Doh! We were going to play that one.



You telling me the Mighty Imps are not entering this one,surely a chance for a trophy me thinks.Oh well, theres always the Scottish open..

Richard Wilton(Grimey)
It will be my first time there :)
If it's a good as everyones saying I'll have to make sure I'm not driving that day, although knowing my luck we'll be drawn last :evil:
Hope to see some of you there.
:lol: :D :lol:
Though you were going to bring us a band Richard??????

It would be nice to see some more in section C

HILARY DO NOT DRIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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