Madeleine MacCann


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Yes, Supermosh you sound like someone who works for a local authority social work department. Very judgemental about everything and anything. The fact is a four year old child is missing and it has drawn a lot of sympathy and awareness from the public. This thread was started to see if the brass band movement could do anything to help support the situation not a debate on child welfare. We appreciate your expertise. I also work in a Childrens Directorate but this is surely not the place and time to debate this issue. Very offensive and upsetting to people who have a lot of sympathy with the MacCann's.

I apologise to anybody I have offended - this was most certainly not my intention. My point was not related to the MacCann's - it was in response to the hypothetical situation I previously outlined. This bears no resemblance to any current situation and certainly does not constitute my views on the MacCann situation. For the record, I think this is a horrific accident - two devoted parents thinking their child was safe and secure and some scumbag doing the unthinkable. I won't argue the judgemental slur here - you are quite right, the focus should be about this poor 4 year old and not a debate on child welfare. Once again, I apologise for taking this discussion off topic.

As I have already said, I am a parent and the thought of any situation like this happening to my four year old son fills me with dread. I can't begin to imagine what the MacCann's are going through and my sympathies lie with the family at this distressing time.


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Whatever, this is NOT for discussion here!!!

This thread has been off topic since page 1 with many and varied questions and opinions on the abduction. I only asked a question for clarification.
Didn't realise you were a mod.:confused:

Because the foreign police force aren't as good as our domestic police. The MacCann family are having to do more, like paying experts, psychologists etc etc. I agree with what you're saying though, i asked that question to one of my friends the other day who keeps very up-to-date with the news. But it sounds like the money is essential, especially as the Portugese police don't seem to be getting anywhere.

Just because the Portugese police don't do things the "english" way doesn't mean they aren't as good as your domestic police or not getting anywhere. Don't remember hearing of to many Portugese miscarriages of justice. Perhaps you could ask your friend to tell you about the latest news update and maybe if you reply to any of my posts in future perhaps you could drop the capitals and exclamation marks. It was an innocent question about the McCann parents.
But after it had already been agreed that this thread is just for how we can make a difference, not discussing criticisms of the McCann parents.

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They have been judged enough, and will have it on their consience for the rest of their lives. Lets pray she is found for their sake ! x


i think compassion and empathy are what she needs now.

I totally agree with this. It WAS a silly thing to do but not something that is completely out of order if they did feel it was a safe place to leave them ( i like to think when i have kids that i wouldn't leave them alone like that) but the parents must have felt it safe to do so, and as they were proven wrong, i bet no one now is feeling guilt like they are .

What's important now is focusing on the present and finding the kid not criticising the parents for one mistake they will live the rest of their lives regretting