Sold/Expired Lyre Stick


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has anybody got a stick of a besson soverien lyre?

i've got 2 tops to them, but i have lost the sticky things that screw off them, and dontwanna spend another £20 gettin another!!

any ideas??

I bought a lyre for £2.90 from Dawkes last year for my Eb Bass.

This is the link for their Tenor Horn ones.

(Edit: Doesn't seem to go straight there. Click on Accesories on left hand side then choose Tenor Horn)

It arrived within a couple of days and is significantly cheaper than a B&H one!

HTH if you can't find a 'stalk'


PS I did make Stephen2001 a lyre for his Euph at last years Whit Fridays out of a metal knitting needle and the business end of his trombone lyre :p


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i lost 2!!

one of them i accidently tipped my case out, and it went everywhere, at high school, god knows where it is now!!

k x :oops:

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