Loss of a Top Bandsman!!!!!!!

This weekend, we lost one of our Players, and a great team member (very important)

He decided to leave us to play for another band and I for one am really gutted!

Although he left on really good terms, it still makes you feel like s**t!

How does one overcome this? :(

Naomi McFadyen

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These things happen... players come and go...
We lost a player to Grimethorpe recently, but I was really happy for him... I'm sure you'll get over it!


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people decided to move on for many reasons....as long as the person has had a bit of consideration when leaving (i.e not just before a big contest-this has been discussed alot before I know) then there should never be any hard feelings. If people left on good terms they are normally very willing to dep/help out then they can.

Best thing is- 'lets move on attitude', advertise the vacancy and get somebody new in as soon as you can. You could even have a move about with your current players to try and bridge the gap in the mean time.


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Naruco said:
These things happen... players come and go...
We lost a player to Grimethorpe recently, but I was really happy for him... I'm sure you'll get over it!

Didn't he go 2 Faireys (briefly) first?


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Have a youth band or learner band , promote your player from senior band.
bring in someone from youth band to fill empty chair.
saves you advertising for a player. or taking a player from another band.
Its a shame when this happens .


Try and understand why the player wants to move on - as other peole have said these things happen in life. Its unlikely the band has done anything wrong but see if there is anything in the band that you might want to do differently to avoid anyone feeling the same.

But above all thank the player for his service to you and remain the best of friends, lifes too short....
Tromoholic said:
What position did he/she play

Top Euphonium!

I am really happy for him as he will be progressing as a player where he has gone to join, he was just a really valued member and a good friend!

I know it wasn't an easy decision for him to make, it just takes the fun out of it sometimes when these things happen, that's all!

Dave Euph

Yep, you get pissed off alright, but bemoaning it doesn't work. If the player left, they usually left for a reason, and having them still in the band against their wishes is probably a worse thing to do. Cheer, up, I'm sure (knowing him) he'll return and dep for you anytime you need it. I'm sure your next solo euph player will be even better than the last one ;)

2nd man down

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Unfortunately for us he’s moved on to Stannington. :cry: Keith was an extremely well liked and respected member of our band and someone we all still consider a really good friend. We’ll miss his dry wit that’s for sure!!
I wish the very best of good look to Keith, and congratulations to Stannington, I’m sure he’ll become as valuable an asset to you as he was to us.

His only down side was that he’s a Wednesday fan, but we all have our crosses to bear I suppose.

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