Lord of the Rings: The Movies, Love them or hate them?

What do you think of the Lord of the Rings Movies?

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Hi All,

Who else here thinks the Lord of the Rings movies are just great?
Read the books, seen the films, bought the deluxe editions DVD's and soundtracks. Nearly bought the swords (Sting etc) in New York (full size, really cool!) but thought customs might have something to say about having them in my hand luggage on the plane coming home! :D

For the past 2 films the whole band has gone together and really enjoyed them........except our solo horn who slept through them both and is now refusing to go to the third. :shock:

Is there any more of these tastless unbelievers out there, or do you love 'em, like me! :D

P.S. Our Solo Horn is a good guy otherwise! :)


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Love 'em! Can't wait to see ROTK...and I'm sorry but surely we could make Gimli and Aragorn honorary tMPers??

And I so want to be an elf - those girls have such nice outfits!

*Men in white coats are on their way...*

Rach x


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Absolutely love 'em! Actually I've just arrived home from seeing ROTK - and can only think of one word to describe it at the minute - BREATHTAKING!

Read a review somewhere (think it was aintitcoolnews.com) which basically said: "Take the emotion of Fellowship and the action of the Two Towers and multiply them both by ten and you have Return Of The King" - I find it very difficult to argue with that opinion!
not seen LotR3 yet, but seen 1st 2 and read all the books (probably the 1st books iv ever read since i was about 10 and felt the need to be cultured) but its all awesome :)


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Love the books, love the films, love looking at Legolas and Aragorn :wink: and can't wait to see ROTK!

Did anyone else see the Jonathan Ross special from the Premiere a couple of day ago? They showed just enough clips to be a real wind up. Vigo thingy just doesn't look the same without that hair :(


said whispered for fear of getting mobbed i didn't like the film

granted the special effects were very good but was disappointed at the end of the first film that nothing had really happened, they didn't get to Mordor!! Then one of my flatmates kindly explained that they don't get there until the end of the third one! Bit long winded if you ask me.... but i remain open minded and will watch it again and try and read the books, then i'm sure i will love it too!

Jo Elson

Never seen the film.
In fact I had never read or seen harry potter until everyone started harrassing me. I got to the end of the third book and gave up, but the movies look good.


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LOVE the movies....can't wait to see #3, hopefully will make it before Christmas. I have a giant poster of Legolas beside my bed :oops:


I think they're the best movies ever made. Plus I'm studying the Fellowship of the Ring as part of my media studies and film studies coursework. Can't fault anything in the films! :D
I loved the third film - nearly got lynched at college cos i brought the tickets a week in advance.

I just wanted to shout at the screen - i was getting to far into it.

i must admit i didnt enjoy the first one untill about the 3rd time of watching but i definetly enjoyed the third one.

It was excellent
dyl said:
Absolutely love 'em! Actually I've just arrived home from seeing ROTK - and can only think of one word to describe it at the minute - BREATHTAKING!
Went to see ROTK yesterday and i compleatly agree, it's amazin! Definatly my favorite by far!! Well worth the wait. I tried to read the books but I got bored, they go into so much detail! Are they goin to make The Hobbit next?! :) hope so!


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I have seen the 1st two but not the 3rd yet, but I'm sure I will. I love 'em! I didn't like the 2nd one as much as the 1st though, I didn't think that it was exciting! :) I hope they do do the Hobbit, but I think that they should have done it before LOTR ! :? :)


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Despot said:
..except our solo horn who slept through them both and is now refusing to go to the third. :shock:

he also slept through all the action sequences in the Matrix Regurgitated and woke up for all the crap dialogue bits... typical..

anyway - LOTR :tup

Big Twigge

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I fell asleep during the first film (was so very very long) and so am not on the lord of the rings boat...I'll try again to watch them, but would rather read the books I think :shock:


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Just been to see the third movie, was ok, fell asleep half way through, but it did get better, the battles were really good.


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Just got back from watching the 3rd one. Well impressed :) Be even better when the DVD comes out since it's rumoured to have some of the missing chapters.

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