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Hi All

Not sure if I might have asked this qn before sometime - either here or on another forum I am a member of... anyways...

In the Christmas chats one inevitably has, the topic of "favorite films" was discussed on several occasions. This reminded me of a short film I watched on TV many years ago. I am trying to remember the name of the film to see if I can still get hold of a copy from somewhere.

All I remember was that it was called something like "1:03" or "13:01" or something like that :?

It was about a guy who is stuck in a time warp of some description and who 'woke up' every day at 1:03 standing in the middle of a road crossing, the first thing he does is to look up at the town hall clock - which, you've guessed it, is saying the time is 1:03. It depicts his attempts of finding out what is happening to him and making attempts to convince someone that he is stuck in a timewarp.

Can't remember what happens in the end, except he does manage to convince someone of this fact and who believes his story but as I said, I can't remember if he 'gets out'

I'd love to find out what the film is called. It's a short one, only about 40 mins long, if that - does anyone have any ideas...? or even any good film forums whre I might be able to ask the question...?



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The peeps over at Killer Gamers are into a lot of Retro stuff like that, I'll ask there for you.

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