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ju33les has been likened to Barbara Dixon and Sharon Osborne. I myself went through an unfortunate youth when I was likened to Hermann Munster. In later years it was Mick Jagger, which wasn't quite as bad. Now I look like TIMBONE, which would be alright with a little more 'bone' and a little less 'flesh'.
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Put a bit of hair back on Glynn Williams and you get Jeremy Spake (of Airport fame)

No offence intended, apologies if any caused, but I think the lookalikee factor is sooooooooooo strong :)


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LOL fantastic,

erm on a recent tour to paris, with a certain st helens youth, we reckoned that David Geogoghan (sorry i don't know how you spell his surname) looked like tyrone from one of the soaps. (i don't know which coz i don't watch the soaps)


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I think solo baritone player from Black Dyke, Gareth Brindle, looks like he could be related to US TV and movie personality Craig Kilborn


I also think that Fulham Band Director Paul McLaughlin and Brass Band of Columbus Eb Bass Player tony Zilincik were separated at birth.



We have a corrie's NORRIS lookalike, the count from sesame street, a sack of spuds and i sit next to brad's pitt !!

+jenna jameson wannabe

Dave Payn

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Well, I was once accused of looking like a younger Kiefer Sutherland. Judge for yourselves.....
Personally, I think Kiefer's far uglier..... Now then, where's that blasted guide dog got to? ;-)


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timbloke said:
Is that not your real name.

Sitting in front of Griffo is (according to many people i know who've seen the band) Alistair McGowan aka second mand down Stewart Croft. and opposite his our first horn player who our old MD was convinced is acually what's her face that judge from pop idol.

Not to mention the fact that when recently auditioning conductors, one of the prospective candidates was a spitting image of one of our own players. it was very spooky!
Just call me Griffin! everyone else does!!

never clicked before about Crofty!! :p


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On tmp we have
Lily savage alias Mr B
Daniel craig alias Mr Rob
Brian kelly as himself
Dyl as lord byron all long damp ringlets like a wet colin firth...(yum)
I have a whole host of YBS lookalikes on my facebook page look at the attached thumbnail for a brief glimpse.


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well as its quiet at the moment can I hijack this thread and do my wish list of lookalikes? thank you
sop - daniel craig
rep - robert carlyle
front row - jonny wilkinson
brad pitt
will young
back row - graham norton
cornets - julian clary (for company)

and the whole of the world cup winning england rugby team for the other seats with lily savage on eb bass...


We have Pete Beale from Eastenders on Euph. (The old Pete Beale, not young Peter). Doesn't look anything like him - just has the same name. We used to have a Rick Shaw as well.
I once knew a guy called Joe King - he was a laugh .....

Sunshine x


Our solo Eb bass player's a ringer for the actor Robert Powell of Jesus of Nazareth fame (or Jasper Carrotts side kick for the less cultured of us!).


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Ermm...??? :confused:
Sorry Mr K - its just you are about the only one of us brave enough to use your real photo. (Thats not really me...)
And going back to previous thread (sorry randomist alert here!!! quick mods...) you are not old and ugly. you have nice dimples. (ANd I am not flirting just stating what I see so there)

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