Long model cornets

Dave Payn

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Can someone in the know confirm one way ot the other the National rules regarding the use of long model cornets? It's just that Fulham will be at Harrogate in September and I'm currently playing a long model cornet.....
Any help greatly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance



When I was in Aldershot Band, we had this all the time with several players using these long models.
It all came to a head when we were forced to prove (by obtaining the original instrument catalogue), that these were cornets and not trumpets.
You would be wise to check what's current though as this was some 15 years ago.

As long as it is a cornet it is allowed, or that is the information I was given when I emailed the West of England regional committee asked if a Getzen long model sop would be allowed to be played in the areas.

your best bet is to check with is running the show now, is it kapitol promotions now, or are they in charge but the bfbb still looking after the rules????

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