London Trumpet Sound Vol. II

Dave Payn

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I'm afraid I have the same reservations as I did for the first volume! The first track, Mambo Caliente (rather like the first track, Sing, Sing, Sing on Vol. I) is excellent. Indeed, the first three tracks suggested to me that this would be an improvement on the first offering. However, the problem isn't so much the playing which for the most part is very good throughout but more in some of the arrangements. I won't mention them as I don't wish to slag off individuals (who are after all, far more experienced than me in arranging) but some of the arrangements don't work for me, and it's on those tracks that the playing seems somewhat 'bored' despite the obvious talent on show. It was a problem that I felt beset the first volume of this too.

However, the final track (Copland's 'Hoedown' does redeem matters somewhat.

As I said, the playing is mostly very good (and sometimes stupendous!) but I still think the best in this series are the London Horn Sound, followed closely by the London Trombone Sound.

Still, just an opinion of a DOG (Deaf Old Git......... ;-)
I've had vol1 for ages and love it. So it's about time 2 was sold. Anyway just listened to the clips on cala's web site, the only arrangement i dont like is the Superman one, I really don't think the arrangement works. the rest sound good to me (from the clips) can't wait to here the full version of Menuet from Royal Fireworks, all those trumpets whizzing about in the gods (sorry drummer terminology).

Waiting with anticipation

Dave Payn

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onedrummeruk said:
Well the second one is excellent (although I prefer the first), still not sure about the Superman tune though.

I have now ordered the trombone one as it sounds like a good laugh, and been able to hear what "76 Trombones" sounds like played by 76 trombones.

Was flicking through the others and found this on the "Double Bass" one FILES/CACD0110_08.mp3

Trombone one is good to my ears, (particularly 76 trombones!) but a bit short (40 minutes or so playing time? Something like that)

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