Logging off


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As of to day, every time i've come onto the site, its logged me off ( i havn't changed it to do this or anything), but when i do log on its loosing all the new posts , making it alot slower to check posts,

is this happeneing to anyone else? or is it just me?
if so, any way of fixing it?

oh yeah, and when i've been searching through posts if i go back to the main page by clicking the mouthpiece icon, its logged me off again


satchmo shaz

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yup, its doin it to me too :? everytime I visit the site I have to log on even when i tick the little box!!, it didnt happen before the sever move thingy
Recently on my home PC I've been unable to log off from my personal login (carlwoodman) and log in on my work profile.
However, I'll check out the link and see if that works.

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