!!! Live Performances At Risk !!!

(if any of this is incorrect please would you contact me and i will be more then happy to correct anything)

I felt this was the appropriate place to put this topic - as the very essence of our band and rehersal room is at stake!

I was just wondering if you had heard the new law that is being put forward.

As i understand it - If a place such as pubs and clubs, places where alcohol is served, churches, synagogues, mosques and other places of worship, schools and colleges, community centres and village and parish halls, and private homes and gardens where private parties and weddings may be held - wish to have live entertainment they first have to get a lisence costing them around the region of £1,500 for each band.
Therefore if a place, such as those i have already mentioned hold an entertaining event with more then two people preforming and do not have a lisence the preformers or the people in charge of the venue could be fined or even jailed :!:

If u would like to read for yourself about this i urge you to please PLEASE vist this website:-

Please sign the petition to stop this madness:-

I am not sure about other bands - but for my band - our gig list consist of all the mainly the afore mentioned places.

Please can i have your feedback on this.

All feedback can and will be seen by those who need to.

Please can we preserve the tradition of singing Happy Birthday in the pub!
This is bureaucracy gone completely overboard........how about organising a brass band demo at the House of Commons?? .........we could certainly make our "voices" heard:D
Only a politicvian could come up with such a ludicrous idea!

I've signed the petition and will try and get all of the band I play for to sign it as well.

If this new law gets passed then small town bands like the one that I play for may as well quit now.
:evil: :x


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IMHO I don't think people should get too worked up about this. I saw a piece on tv discussing this legislation a few weeks ago. The legislation is in its early days and is going through all sorts of commitees and also has to pass through the Lords. They are all well aware of the legislation's shortcomings and the furious lobbying by live performance groups and they will be swamping it with all sorts of amendments.
Makes you wander though, at the incompetence of the MPs who tabled this ill thought out bill. I suspect it was designed to stop All night raves disturbing nearby residents not realising that the primary school recorder recital would be swept up in it. Talk about sledgehammers to crack nuts - we need a few sledgehammers to crack some MPs heads together.


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Probably right there BH.. seems that TDs love to push through these badly thought out bills to give themselves something to argue over, and something to champion for the next campaign.. We're running through a prime example at the moment over here, with regard to the citizenship laws..

As with everything, there'll be a couple of dozen iterations of this until most people stop whining, or they actually come up with something resembling sense..


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the Brass Band Federation are sending petition forms to all registered bands for all their registered players to sign as part of this appeal. If yoiu havnt signed your band's petition then ask your secretary about it...


I'm glad to see that the BBF is actually being pro-active on this issue.

We recieved the petition which was duly signed at rehearsal last night.

Well done BBF.


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Nadia said:
the Brass Band Federation are sending petition forms to all registered bands for all their registered players to sign as part of this appeal. If yoiu havnt signed your band's petition then ask your secretary about it...

Hi Nadia - are you aware if any member of the BBF are registered here? If not, do you have a contact e-mail for anyone on BBF?



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I foned a mate of mine who is an MP but only got the secretary. She is sending some bumph on the latest situation. Basically it hasn't even reached the Commons yet. Its at the Lords, then goes to the commons and then back to the Lords. Its not just bands thats kicking up. Choirs, churches and especially the Sally army are really kicking up.

She reckons common sense will prevail but we are right to kick up a stink cos sometines legislation can be passed and not realise the full implications.

This time though the peasants are revolting so the problem will be solved. I will let you know what happened at the latest Lords reading etc :roll:


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not sure off hand, but there's bound to be some sort of contact in the bandsman or bbw. I think there is an article in this months bbw with a letter sent from the department of culture, media and sport, trying to tell us that the licensing thing is good for the movement!!! that should make a good read

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