Listern to the Band 3/10/03

Can anybody help with info about 2 pieces of music on Friday nights LTTB please.
1)Festival March Brittania
2)Fanfare of Praise.
If anyone can help with the Publishers please I would be very grateful

M/D watford Band


Don't know about Festival March Britannia, but Fanfare of Praise is SP&S. It was the title track of an ISB disk a few years ago I believe.

I think you will find that the Festival March is also a Salvation Army piece, possibly published in one of the Band Journals.



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A Fanfare of Praise is published by SP&S and we have it available on our World of Brass website.
Here's the link;

Britannia is also one of ours and, although we don't have it on our website, it is available.
Please send me a Private Message or email and I can help you further on Monday when I'm in the office.

The Radio 2 website usually carries information about the music played on the programme although sometimes it is not wholly accurate;

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