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Brian Bowen

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Listen to the Band, 28 May 2004, BBC Radio 2

It was good to be reminded what a classy band Faireys are, even if this programme was recorded before the recent many player changes. The music was quite strong on nostalgia and featured a number of Gordon Langford arrangements/compositions. Major Peter Parkes conducted. Not withstanding the shortcomings of sound on Radio 2 Internet, to me the sound of the band was quality. You have the chance (for the week) of hearing them and with Phillip McCann (cornet) and Gareth Brindle (baritone) playing solos — not overlooking some nice-sounding soprano work (Kevin Crockford?). Unfortunately, the first few bars of the opening march and the ending of “The Yeomen of the Guard” are cut off the Internet broadcast. Call me old-fashioned, but this was a very satisfying LTTB.


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Thanks for the kind words Brian!
The recording was in March, before the current "restructuring" started and the band was playing well, besides the hideously out of tune tubular bells!
Be interesting to see if the band can keep as nice a "traditional" sound with such a turnover of players, especially with the average age dropping so much.
Anyway, as my last LTTB with them it was a good one to go out on!

John Brooks

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I agree wholeheartedly with your comments Brian. Great music, well played and probably one of the better sounding LTTB reproductions on the internet. Most of the European Championship material sounded really bad in my opinion. Too bad they can't seem to get their timing right. But I thoroughly enjoyed this one and will listen again during the week.

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