List of all brass works

I'm getting into arranging, just wondering if anyone has ever compiled a list of all works done for brass band so I dont end up repeating stuff which is already done well.

If not can you guys think of the names of publishing houses so I can make one ?
I'd be very surprised if anyone has a definative list of all arrangements for band.

In any case there is nothing to stop you producing an arrangment of a piece that has been done before (assuming you follow copyright etc). If you have played a lot of brass music you will realise that many of the arrangements are poor so thier is plenty of room for you to improve them.


The just music website has pieces from a lot of the different publishers, but to go through them individually try - the harrogate database, i'm sure they'll all be listed on there!


Helen V said: has a huge database of pieces, by no means complete, but probably the largest you'll find

For brass band music that is generally commercially available, the Just Music website has never let me down. I always look there first when I know what I'm after.

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Of course there are also many band arrangements that are not very good at all- you could always try and do better arrangements of the ones already done... this is something that I'll look into oneday, however I'm concentrating on my compositions at the moment.

I dont know of any lists for 'pre-done' arrangements apart from all the band librarys up and down and 'round the world...

There are so many arrangements done already that I think it'll be hard to arrange something that hasn't already been arranged...
This sounds to me like a project that someone (with plenty of time on thir hands) could usefully do for the band world. A list of every piece with Title, Composer, Arranger & Publisher would be ver useful for all sorts of reasons.


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Helen V said: has a huge database of pieces, by no means complete, but probably the largest you'll find

Helen is correct (of course!) but many of the smaller publishers now sell their music exclusively over the web, eliminating the need to pay shops or distributers. Roger Thorne is a good example.

IBEW lists (what we believe to be) all the publishers of brass music.

Well I'm on holidays with not much to do, so when I can find some time between sleeps I may have a go.
Hmm perhaps create a website with online database which can be updated by people thus creating a substantial list of whats out there.
Back to the ole programming days.
OK now I need peoples help.
I have set up a yahoo group

So if we are serious about compiling a useful list all we need are people to go into the data base section and update the tables in the Band Music option - also would appreciate if any you feel any more fields are required.

Ye of little faith, currently have 422 entries, most of which are missing publishers because they are not listed on band sites, but thats ok - its getting bigger.

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