Lick or not?


Strange one this, 10 months ago i changed from a VB 7c to a DW4B whcih has proved to be a good move in terms of sound and endurance. However the flat and thicker rim has caused me to 'slide around' a bit while playing i have to lick my lips to just the right extent to prevent this from happening and keep the mouthpiece still and central. On occations i find getting the balance difficult to get right and air can escape from the side of my mouth when playing higher notes. With the VB mouthpiece which i played on since i was 10, i had no trouble becuase its rounded rim dug into my lip a little and held it in place, however it was not comfortable like the DW. The problem is that now i seam pre-occupied with getting my lips just the right slipperyness to play effectivly--i keep wiping and trying again and really anoying fellow players and conductor(and myself). Its a strange thing - ive been playing years (16 years )and only now seam to have developed this strange behaviour. Going back on the VB is not an option as my sound was too bright and it was uncomfortable to blow for a long time. Any suggestions? or will it take me longer to ajust to the DW than i had predicted. ?(i even used blu tac around the MP rim to help grip but this is not adviseable as i soon dicovered) Sorry for this most strange post. :roll:


If you used your other mouthpiece since you were 10 chances are that you have worn away the silver plater to a certain extent. A brand new mouthpiece will be all shiny and have a brand new plate. Perhaps that is why it is so slippery.

I changed mouthpiece about 5 years ago and had exactly the same problem but is is okay now. I bought a new mouthpiece about a year ago just to try out and it was as slippery as an eel.



Igg, i hadn't thought of that!--looking at my old mouthpiece --it is a bit mangled and worn. Perhaps its better to buy a second hand mouthpiece rarther than new because they will be ready worn?. I also went from silver to gold plate which seams to feel softer+more slippery.



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