Leyland Band - Formby Hall, 15th of February


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The Leyland band (All England Masters Champions 2003) will be performing at Formby Hall, Atherton this Sunday the 15th of Feb. starting at 7.30 pm. This will be the bands first concert under new proffessional conductor Garry Cutt, so don't miss out, we have an excellent programme in store!


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no it means that about and hour an a half to 2 hours before the concert started it was decided (by me) that my family (my mum dad twin brother and me) would go and see leyland play. all in all a very good concert. very enjoyable! mum thought you sounded better than when she went to see YBS there. some very funny moments. wot do you think of the sop player youve got from haydock then?

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