Leyland Band Concerts

I know we've jst finished for summer, but the avid concert go-ers on the site should come to a Leyland gig.
Full musical entertainment provided by the band, BOC-ish compering given by Fowlesy, comedy and ginger nuts provided by Andy Lord


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If you ever come down into our neck of the woods I'll certainly try to get along, but you don't seem to venture south very often!


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Well done for the advert Ben... have a tufty badge! :lol:

It's true we don't venture deep down south that much at the moment. Not being a great scholar of southern geography the next job I can see down that way is in Northampton in Cripps hall (sorry if that isn't south enough, buts it's all south to me after stockport!!!). This was one of our best gigs last year. Look out for when we do concerts at the Hawth in Crawley too Peter. http://www.leylandband.co.uk/engagements.htm



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Problem I have with the Crawley ones is that they are usually on Sundays, when I am already committed elsewhere.

Mr Smiler

Moulton 77 band hosted the band last January and I've got to say that Leyland band put on a stonking concert for us at Northampton in a jolly fine venue. Its worth coming along just to see Andy Lord's anticts!

We're looking forward to the concert to see how you're going to top it next year.....

Leyland are at Northampton on 10th January 2004. For more details visit www.moulton77.org.uk. Tickets aren't on sale yet but you can get first shout on the best seats in da house if you leave your e-mail address.

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