Lets Scrap Official Gradings !!


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Controvertially - Why not scrap all official gradings and let all bands enter the section where they judge that a win is possible that would therefore enhance their reputation.
Obviously a band would want to score in the highest section possible, so they wouldn't enter a high section above their abilities, which would show their inadequacies, and, of course, there is no point in a band of say, good 1st Section Standard entering a lower section, easily within their scope, as winning would only demean its true quality.
The relegation issue would also be solved as no band would enter a section where their chances of success were impossible - or would they ???????
You would probably get bands in the higher section entering every single one! I just wish gradings were judged on more than one contest a year. It seems like pot luck, not rewarding consistency. You are putting all your faith in 1 judge discerning the placings of out 30 performances on the same day. A bit of a tall task.


No gradings in this country! Quite common to see bands that belong one and two sections above entering lower sections to win prize money and titles. Remove regulation and some bands will just go for the easy win. For some bands, "Better first in the section below than last in the section

Dreadful, dreadful idea! :)
No offence but sounds a bit daft to me. Apart from reputation, all bands need money, and for some bands the only income they have is concerts and contests. Good bands would enter and win every contest, and get richer and richer, lesser bands would pay out to enter the contests, not get anywhere and get poorer and poorer! :idea:
Anyway, its so much more fun for a 4th section band knowing they have a chance of getting somewhere. Goals are the best way to push a band forwards- every band strives for promotion, take that away and lower section bands will not get better! :x


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What I'd like to see is an end to the separate national/local gradings. If you get promoted locally you should go up nationally as well. One grading is enough. At the moment you get ludicrous situations where bands can be (for example) 2nd section locally and 4th section nationally!
Yes, it might make promotion easier for some bands, but at least then everyone would know where they were. You'd still have to enter the Areas if you wanted to play in the finals, and quickly, before you got promoted into a section where it might not be so easy to win! At the moment it's like having a football league and then another table based on how you do in the FA Cup every year.

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I must agree, You have to have some sort of grading system, otherwise why not just put a band together of the best players you who, and enter all the contests you can as a 4th Section Band.
That way, all the money you won, could be split between the players on stage. I know this happens with a few bands on Whit Friday.
I know that Holmfirth Contest, used to have NO rules as to what section you can borrow from, and in the past 3/4 th Sections Bands have borrowed players from some of the bigger bands, and won the contest..

I also have to agre with andyp, something needs to be done with the local grading system. I used to play for a band, that at one point, was graded 3rd Section National, BUT Championship Section Local..


Was at the Western Austalian BB Championships about 10 years ago and I think I remember them having a system where bands picked which section to go into. The problem was not that the better bands put themselves into the lower sections.
One band, which was probably the equivalent of a good 4th or 3rd section band over here, 'performed' Pagannini Variations! Lets just say they were very entertaining. I'm all for bands pushing themselves, but that...............
Think another band was disqualified or docked points for playing a clarinet in the front row!

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Thing to remember about WA though is it's Australia's largest state, but smallest population. Therefore they may have desperately needed that clarinettist.....

That's not saying what they did was right, it's just be being sympathetic....

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