Les Tubas de Noël


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I'm a tuba player living in France and I've been asked by the guy who runs our "Tubas de Noël" each year (two annual concerts - 20th and 21st december in which several hundred tuba players get together to play christmas music in the open air - if it's fine - dressed in father christmas hats...) to invite english tuba players to join in the fun. It's been going for the past twelve years - it takes place in the north of France; this year in Dunkirk and then Hazebrouck - and quite a few english tuba players take part already.
If any tuba / tenor horn players are interested, I'd be glad to hear from them.
Thanks in advance
Keith Braithwaite


Wish I could make it, unfortunately, like Hilary, I'm already booked up. Remind the Forum again next year, a bit earlier in the year would be handy.
Hope it's a big success. :D


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It was nice to hear from you all

... I'm sorry - it was a bit late to start talking about it. I'll jump in earlier next year.
All the best

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