Leighton (Buddy) Rich


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I am sure that those of you who know Leighton will be sorry to hear that he has decided to retire from leading the Hampshire County Youth Band. He is recovering from pancreatic cancer, and has now been told he needs a course of chemotherapy. Having served with Leighton in the guards many moons ago it was good to meet up with him at the Open recently. He was due to take his band on a tour to New Zealand as part of their 40th anniversary celebrations, so the timing could not have been worse.

I'm sure our thoughts will be with him and the members of the band as they seek to appoint a successor and as his recovery progresses.


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Leighton conducted a couple of my arrangements with the Hampshire Youth Band during my period of exile down south. In Harrogate, where I now live, he is remembered with much affection as the founder of the Tewit Youth Band.

I attended their 25th anniversary celebrations a couple fo weeks ago and everyone hoped that Leighton would be able to attend but sadly he wasn't fit to make the long journey. (I provided a new march for the occassion entitled 'Rich Heritage').

Please send my regards and best wishes for a speedy recovery next time you are in touch with Leighton.


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