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satchmo shaz

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luigibob said:
bedworth ( bedrock ) brass will be there (1st section ) mega boring day last year as mentioned previously, i hope new venue will be more accomodating to the band's requirements!!!!
You mean more beer Rob!! how ya doin! Shaz x

Big Bloke

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The pub is closer this year if the bar at the college is not open. For reference, the nearest pub is the 1852 - turn left out of the college, cross the road and it is 2 mins walk away.

Simon Jelley
Friary Guildford


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Di B said:
I don't think they usually do it in the box you know....

Then again, the male ones may not be house-trained - tis a common problem! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Lol! :lol: :wink:

Big Bloke said:
it is 2 mins walk away.

Woohoo, someone will have to buy me a drink now! :lol:


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Are the results announced after each section or en masse at the end of all sections. If the latter anybody know roughly what time that is likely to be.

Could do with knowing this so we can plan refreshment stops on return to Land of the Canary!


Seedhouse said:
Big Bloke said:
it is 2 mins walk away.

Woohoo, someone will have to buy me a drink now! :lol:

You obviuosly missed my post at the top of the page - pay attention alex!!! (eerrrr scary remenisions of last year!!! :? )

As said previously I am very happy to buy you a coke!!!

Anyway back to topic - 1852 is ok, I think the plough is better, I have it only fairly (ok vaguely) good authority that the bar should be open though, not sure about the results though, soz! I'll phone me bro and let you know! :D


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They wiped the floor with the rest of us in the 1st and open sections, and for once I didn't disagree with the result. Well done guys!

Open Section
1. Kibworth
2. Ratby
Best Instrumentalist: Kibworth EEb bass, Best trom. section Kibworth

First Section
1. Kibworth
2. Friary Guildford 8)
3. I really can't remember....sorry!
Best Instrumentalist: Kibworth cornet

Does anyone have a full list of results? There's nothing on 4br yet

Di B

I know some of the results.....

3rd/4th Section;

1st Carlton Brass
2nd Shirland Training
3rd Hitchin

Am also aware Snibston and Desford won the 2nd section and Blidworth came 2nd (well done guys!)

Non Contesting - Thorseby Youth came 1st

One thing I would like to say about this contest is *shock* how good in my opinion the adjudicator of the lower sections was.

The contest had requested all the scores of the test pieces early so that the adjudicator could actually study the scores before the day (which in my opinion should be essential!!) and so they knew what he was looking for with each band.

Also, he complimented all of the young players from the non-contesting section on the stage, and I hope his remarks reflected this positive nature as it can be so disheartening for children to be slated (well it is for all of us but we adults just get drunk!)

I personally would like to see more own choice contests use the same format and give the adjudicators the scores early. Seems it can only benefit we bandsmen! :wink:


Full resuls from the Brass Herald

Championship - Adjudicators Michael Fowles and Malcolm Brownbill

1st Kibworth Band - 192 pts

2nd Ratby Co-operative - 188 pts

1st Section - Adjudicator Malcolm Brownbill

1st Kibworth Band - 191 pts

2nd Friary Guildford Brass - 188 pts

3rd Towcester Studio - 186 pts

2nd Section - Adjudicator Malcolm Brownbill

1st Snibston & Desford Colliery - 186 pts

2nd Hopkins Solicitors Blidworth Welfare - 183 pts

3rd Cawston Band - 181 pts

3rd/4th Section - Adjudicator Michael Fowles

1st Carlton Brass - 185 pts (Playing HOLLYWOOD)

2nd Shirland Training Band - 184 pts

3rd Hitchin Band - 183 pts

Unregistered Section - Adjudicator Michael Fowles

1st Thorseby Colliery Youth - 173 Pts

2nd Ratby Co-operative Youth - 172 pts

3rd Shirland Junior Band - 171 pts

4th Syston Junior - 170 pts


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Well done Carlton Brass! You didn't need me after all ;)

Sorry I couldn't be there - I love that piece :)

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