Leeds United - Appeal ??


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If Leeds United are relegated perhaps they could Appeal (Funny Ha! Ha! )
- Stupidly enough, if they were a Brass Band they would appeal, and almost certainly would succeed !!! (Perhaps Leeds United should change their name to Imps United - bet they'd be fairly safe then !!!!)
It's just a way of showing how ludicrous our appeal system is - it should be abolished, OR, like football, why don't we have annual "Play Off" contests between the the top and bottom bands in each section to decide promotion/relegation.
OK, OK - I'll go away - I was just in that mood !!!!
Well speaking as a Stoke City supporter - Leeds don't appeal to anyone but themselves :) .

Not sure how old you are Ian, but if you have supported Leeds for a good few years, you will know that there is no good feeling between our teams. It may have to do with the number of broken legs that Stoke have sustained............ :) :)

Well it's only a game.............but I do recall those heady days when Stoke were a top team.........Thinking about it, I think Stoke may have taken a leaf out of Leeds book not so long ago - they had three HARD centre halves Overson, Cranson, Sandford......."get past us if you think you can" must have been the philosophy. It worked.

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I've been watching leeds most of the season, even though I'm not a fan. a friend of mine is so I wind up at bunch of games just to see some football.

If any band walked on stage with as little preparation as leeds united seem to put into each appearance, they'd be laughed off stage.

This could lead to a few interesting brass band comparrisons with football clubs.

Black dyke = Manchester united. Everyone and his dog has heard of them and knows they're good but how many go to see them regularly? :wink:

Anyone got any more?


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Caharley Farley - Well old lad, let's just say that I have seen Leeds play Stoke in the League, and the last time I watched Leeds live, Bremner, Charlton and Hunter were in midfield, and Stoke were stalwarts of the top Division
We're probably of the same era - great days weren't they (I'll gloss over the "Legs" business !!)
I wouldn't get out of bed to watch Leeds these days - not one of them is playing for the shirt - pathetic !
There's more blood and guts in our bandroom than Elland Road can muster.
We're better off sticking to Banding.
Keep Blowing Caharley and leave the balls to the buffoons !!
(Your not related to Caharley Sahimons are you ?)
If leeds utd come down to DIV 1 I will be partying on the streets as they stand no chance !!!!!!!!!

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Oh dear me Ian.........memories ........

Smith, Dobing, Greenhof, Banks, Mathews (I never saw him play); Conroy, Shilton,(Stoke ALWAYS needed a good goalie)...........

Happy Days.....

Anyway - back on Rehearsal Room topic..........

I think a relagation and "play off" system could be good for banding.......... :?


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deezastar said:
iancwilx said:
(Perhaps Leeds United should change their name to Imps United - bet they'd be fairly safe then !!!!)

Well - let's just wait a couple of months and see if the final Yorkshire Area Gradings are honestly based on results or reputation - I'll leave it at that.


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Aren't Leeds getting relegated because they've played poo all season? I don't see what this had to do with Yorkshire Imps though!


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I really think we should stop the references to Imps. Just to stop possible (un)intention trouble.

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homocidalbennyboy said:
I really think we should stop the references to Imps. Just to stop possible (un)intention trouble.
Agreed Ben. The Mods are watching the thread very closely!



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Just to clarify things - I am in NO way getting at any specific band, in fact I spent 8 very happy years at the mentioned band.
I am getting at the Appeal system, which on some occasions may possibly be open to the frailties of human judgement and emotion.
When my jaw starts flappin'...................!!


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Well, It's time for Leeds to launch that appeal, Again disgusted today, the club's falling apart at the seems.

Still every cloud, At least we'll be rid of the over paid, over sized, over rated Aussie pilock Viduka, some one should have told him he can't score goals from the sideline!!!!

Will the ticket prices go down next year? I think not. Well be told it's a price freeze and they'll stay where they are.

I can't take it at band anymore, all those pesky Huddersfield Town fans bragging about some promotion (i didn't even know there was a division three :wink: )

ah well........ Here's to the Rotherham derby,


Yeah..well done Bolton. Ooops, sorry Leeds :cry:
I have to say I'm really pleased as it means Man ity are safe but I can't really imagine Leeds United not playing in the Premiership.
Never mind, I'm sure they'll be back up again next season.

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