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If you're going to Leeds College of Music and want to keep banding, go to www.kippaxband.co.uk - we're a 1st Section band (2nd in 2002 Areas and 10th at Torquay Finals last year).
We are based in East Leeds and we are a good blend of enthusiastic youngsters (Some Students), a few ex Top section old heads.
13 Band members are female (They're great !!)
Conductor, Ian Colley, (An ex Yorkshire Imp) holds two Music Degrees and believes in producing modern, appealing and inspirational programmes for our monthly Concert in the Kippax Band Club which is owned by the Band.
A completely new programme every 4 weeks - no one gets bored at Kippax !!! (There are, of course, other quality engagements)
We are also a keen Contesting Band.
We are currently short of a Bass Trom (Leaving for Uni), and a BBb Bass ( Ex Royal Marine Brian Yeatman having to retire due to Dental probs) - But we welcome any lonely student, any instrument, for a blow, and, of course, comradeship.
- My daughter is about to start her 2nd year at Leeds CM next week,and thoroughly recommends it.


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iancwilx said:
( Ex Royal Marine Brian Yeatman having to retire due to Dental probs)

And why, pray, did you not send him to me???? I like herodontics - the practice of achieving the impossible!

Rach x


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Rach - Why didn't I think of you ? - I'm seeing Brian at the Band Club Concert tonight - I'll pass him your details.
- Cheers - Ian W.

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