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Just added to our New Releases section is a DVD recording of the Valentines Day concert 2004 given by Brass Band de Bazuin with guest soloist David Childs (Euphonium).

We had a small quantity of these on our trade stand at the European Brass Band Championships in Glasgow recently and they were snapped up pretty quickly.

Track listing is on this link;




Is this DVD in the PAL format only?
If so, my Sony won't play it or one for all regions, as you are aware.
Sure would be nice to be able to pick up some of these recordings to expand our horizons here in Western Canada.

LJ :cry:

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This DVD is European region only as far as I'm aware.
I think it's fair to say that most people in the UK buy 'multi-region' DVD players so that they can play discs from all over the world.
The DVD works on the multi-region portable Panasonic that we bought in New York recently.

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