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Hi All,

I've been lurking around the forums for a few weeks and have finally plucked up the courage to say "Hello".

I'm a late starter compared to most players here, having picked up a euph for the first time about 5 years ago, aged 48. My only previous music experience was scraping through (pun carefully chosen) my Grade 1 violin exam whilst still in junior school, and a couple of years playing side drum in a small scout drum band during my teens. The 35 years as a church bellringer I don't really count as music :)

Indirectly, it was my kids who got me interested. They were both playing at the time (clarinet and trumpet) and I was often around during their lessons to hear. As is the lot of a parent, I was also taxi for the rehearsals of the local Scout & Guide band they had joined and would listen in at the end of the practices. My son's trumpet teacher often stayed for a cuppa and a chat after his lesson and I happened to mention one day that I wouldn't mind having a go at something to see if I could get a note out of it. The next week he turned up with his dad's old B&H Imperial euph, which had seen better days but I was assured was still serviceable. I did a check on the serial number and found it was a year older than me.

Since then I haven't looked back. I took my G1 after about 3 months and am now working towards G7. A couple of years ago I joined the band that my daughter was still playing in (my son having lapsed in the meantime) and have enjoyed making music with others as well as my myself. We are a wind and marching band rather than a BB, and are there mainly to give opportunities to scouts and guides in our area, regardless of their abilities. Watch out for us in this year's Lord Mayors' Show in London - parade number 52.

After my G1 I had the opportunity to buy a secondhand euph from a work colleague, and this saw me through to G5. At that point my teacher suggested that he loan me the Imperial again, as my instrument was becoming a limiting factor in my playing, and this saw me through G6. My teacher's father passed away earlier this year and I am now the owner of the Imperial. I am assured that he would have been happy to see it go to someone who would look after it and play it as well as he did.


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Welcome to the board, Mark! You may not realise it, but I'm sure your path will ring a bell with many others on here.

The way you got into playing brass in the first place is matched by a friend, whose involvement was initially acting as an unpaid taxi-driver for her son, who wasn't old enough to drive - she now plays first baritone, and in a First Section band, at that :)

Re. "I'm a late starter compared to most players here, having picked up a euph for the first time about 5 years ago, aged 48."

Having tried (and failed - miserably:() to learn to play the piano, violin, mouth organ and guitar (think chainsaws, alleycats, and fingernails dragged across a blackboard :oops:), by the time I was 24 I'd concluded that, much as I loved music, I wasn't cut out to play it - so I concentrated on song lyrics, poems and short stories, instead.

I finally got into brass two years ago - at the age of 68. The moment I got my first reasonable note out of my baritone horn, I was totally hooked. What you might call "love at first hear"! :D

With best regards,



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Welcome to our world, hooch! We're an odd bunch but mostly grown up! ;) (Some more than others). There are late starters (Jack, for example) and early starters, and every degree in between. It's good to find the 'love of your life' at any age. I admit, I fell in love with my tuba at school aged only 11. She was a heck of a lot older than me (probably wouldn't get away with it these days) and I've never looked back.

Even though you aren't strictly BB, we're not going to send you to Coventry! (Or anywhere else, for that matter!) Welcome.


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Welcome Hooch, as an 'older' learner to get to grade 7 in five years is a fair acheivement, also envy you playing in the same band as your daughter, many years ago I played in a brass band with my father, daughter and son, some of the proudest moments in my life:)
Welcome to the forum, and welcome to the world of making music