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2:15am must sleep now, work in 5 hours.

What's been your latest(earliest) time online. And it doesn't count for okiedokie in Oz or bruceg when he's in colorado.

Night Night, close the door on the way out.


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My latest is around 3.30am... with work the next day!

I don't need much sleep. 2am or so is my usual "bedtime". I'm up at 7.40am.
24 hours, all the way through. Playing in a massive cards tournament a few years back, I did quite well so it went on for ages!


I logged of here at 7 in the morning once. Was doing college work through the night so I was occaisionally browsing on here. Needless to say my college work took a while.


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Well.. lately I've been any time between midnight and 2.30am, but I have been known to be up until 5am and then go to work. Once I went to work with no sleep, but it's all because I play too many online games!!

Luckily I have flexi time so I go in later and make up the time.. every day hehe.



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Hmm, what a funny coincidence this thread. For some strange reason I was up until 5 this morning just not tired at all, then got up at 6 to goto work!

Still not tired now, what's wrong with me! (And no I havent overdosed on caffine/proplus/redbull - not recently anyway)


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Aw - no fair! Mountain Time is as good as any other time so my 7am (midnight here) posts should count too :D Once I get a PC sorted out at home I'll probably manage a few 2 or 3 am posts ;)


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I've got a wireless connection on my computer so my mum disconnects me at about 12:00 :cry: bit later though if it in the holidays :)

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